Don’t let your passion become your obsession

Being passionate about something is a truly wonderful thing. From experience, committing yourself to something that you can fully focus on can become extremely rewarding and you could argue that only when it is fuelled by passion can you take things to the next level.

You can be passionate about anything. Passion is something that grows over time and is a clear indicator that you’ve found a true love for something.

If you’re very focused, talented and also manage to get a little luck, you’ll be in a position where your career is something that you can be passionate about. If you’re passionate about what you do for a living, the possibilities could be endless. Coupled with the right skill, you will be able to push yourself as far and as high as you want.

Passion is a powerful emotion. Powerful, but crucially controllable. It allows you to find new levels of enthusiasm for the subject in hand and I honestly think that without a passion for something, you can never truly champion it. Emotions can be unpredictable, however, so it is important to keep things in perspective.

It comes to a point though, where the line between a controllable emotion and something that consumes you in one becomes blurred – leading to often poor decisions and a fascination for always being in control of everything, always being right (or at least, always convincing yourself that you’re right).

This is a very real danger to be wary of. Over time it can be easy to get blinded by the fact that your passion has turned into a far uglier thing – an obsession. As you allow yourself to get absorbed deeper and deeper into something, it eats away at you – continually preoccupying and intruding on your mind. It takes over absolutely everything that you do and think about, and it’s not healthy.

Denial of obsession is clear. You make yourself believe that you’re not obsessed but simply passionate because you care so much about it. In reality, your obsession has now started to not make your passion grow larger, but instead belittle everything else that once meant something to you.

Don’t stop yourself from being passionate. Passion is a great thing and without it we couldn’t care about the things that we love. But be aware that it is easy to become obsessed and if you find yourself in that position, nothing else seems to matter. Take a step back, identify what your real priorities in life should be and change things before they become less important to you as a result of your obsession.

Curb the obsession, but keep the passion. Be proud to be passionate, but be realistic when you sense obsession. Easier said than done.